7. EccFix at a distance

If you are using eccentric fixation when you are out walking or cycling it is important to avoid looking straight ahead the whole time. You will not be able to see things directly in front of you – only things to the sides. If you want to avoid walking or crashing into objects it is better to use eccentric fixation. In the condition LHON the central field loss is often concentric, which means that there is a hole in the center of the visual field straight ahead – approximately 5 to 15 degrees of central vision can be missing around the macula. The advice is to look upwards the whole time (or occasionally) while you are moving forwards. This will allow you to detect objects in front of you in time so that you can avoid bumping into them. At the same time you will find it easier to maintain your bearings if you look forward every now and then.

Many people say that it is most difficult to find their way around on sunny days – this is because the dark shadows appear to be “black objects”. Adapt your speed when running or cycling according to how easily you can detect objects while directing your gaze upwards -approximately 15-20 degrees.

Sometimes it can be good to find a Best Retinal Area (BRA) a little distance to the left or right of the field loss if you want to see something in greater detail and at the same time use a telescope.

See more in the four minute long film, where Anton Blomberg demonstrates what he does.