1: Amsler

The Amsler test is a simple visual field test which you can download here. Print a copy and test your central visual field by following the instructions. Of course it is best to perform the test under supervision at a low-vision clinic, or eye-clinic. The aim is to determine whether there are areas of your visual field which are missing, blurry or “distorted”. You mark directly on the paper areas which are not seen properly at the same time as you focus/fixate on the center of the gridlines.

If the test shows a central loss of vision or other areas which are abnormal it is important to perform additional tests at an eye-clinic. These tests include Goldmann (which is performed by a trained clinician or nurse), and automated tests such as Esterman and Humphrey visual fields.
Download and print a copy of the Amsler test

How to examine your macula and central visual field!

A. Use normal single-vision reading glasses when performing the test (if you have some)  

B. One eye at a time, look at the spot in the center of the squared chart form a distance of approx. 30cm

C.  If you don’t see the spot or if it is unclear, print out a copy of the Amsler test and try to mark the area which is missing or unclear with a felt-tip pen.

D. If you experience that there is an area in the middle in which the lines are distorted or if there are ”holes” in the grid-lines it may be a sign that you have central visual field loss. You should then book an appointment with your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) so that they can perform additional tests to determine the cause of these changes.

E. Repeat for the other eye

Print a copy of the Amsler test so that it is easier to check your vision with reading glasses at different distances

Download and print a copy of the Amsler test.