4. Scrolled text

Now it gets a little more difficult. You are now going to hold your eccentric fixation above or below moving text (scrolled text). The text will move from right to left, and you read it as it passes by. Try to sit close to the screen and make sure the text is large enough so that you can see it. It is important to avoid looking directly at the text – the text will disappear into the area of field loss (scotoma) and you will no longer be able to see it. It will appear as though you are holding your eyes still, but they will be following the moving text in a series of so-called “gliding fixations”. The most important thing is that you are using your Best Retinal Area by looking to the side of the text you are trying to read!

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More Scrolled text?

There is an entire webpage with various exercises aimed at improving reading – primarily for people with right-sided hemianopia. It is developed by the Institute of Neurology at UCL and can be accessed here.

Read the instructions and look at the instructional video to see the newest developments within reading training for people with visual field loss. It is also possible to use the material for eccentric fixation training.

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